Sooooo I finished this thing. It was a birthday gift from the girl @ShiftySatchmo. Thank you again!

The game is weird as hell. It has the darkest theme I’ve played since Bloodborne. It actually even tells the story in Bloodbornish way. Parts of the story is in the Codex and rest in the cutscenes. It’s not bad but it’s not something I expected from a turn based strategy game.

While Othercide is a TBS game, it also has roguelike elements like in Darkest Dungeon or Slay the Spire. Your characters are Daughters with different classes, trying to beat Suffering (which is a boss). That’s literally the entire story haha.

The strongest point of this game is the gameplay, art style and the soundtrack. Everything feels so smooth, liquid, wobbly, nice. That is the only reason why I kept playing the game despite it having basically a story made for people who do not give a damn about stories in games.

The weakest point of this game is the unnecessary grinding. From the 15 hours I’ve played, I’ve been grinding the side missions for 10 hours just so I can get strong enough to beat the bosses. It felt repetitive and seems like they had no other ideas on how to improve gearing up of the Daughters.
Another weak point are the boss fights. Very poorly designed boss fights. I won’t say what exactly is wrong with them as I kinda feel like I’m spoiling enough of the game.

All in all, I recommend buying Othercide on sale.


I returned it for vague reasons I don’t remember.

Aren’t all rogue lite/like games grindy?

True but Othercide could’ve added something next to the grind. Side missions that have a meaning or something I don’t know. It’s literally 10 hours of doing the same thing in a 15 hours game. Luckily the combat isn’t shit so it was somewhat interesting doing these missions.