I currently have my R9 270X overclocked to 1160/1440 for a 10% overclock, and 10% to power. Would it be safe to say it might be able to go higher? Im raising 20 points to GPU clock for every 5 memory clock which seems to work well at the ratio.

What is the goal of overclocking? I am all for leaving things as they are unless I am trying to stretch the hardware a bit more.

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teh_g Gaming is all I do with it… just want to make sure I get the best fps is all.

Edit: So far stable 1200/1500 for a 14% overclock on the GPU max im willing to push it… even with 10% extra power.

Edit 2: Down to 1440/1500 after a DX 11 Error Crash which I feel could only have been caused by the overclock cause out of all the time I have played its never done that.