This is my new game! I’ve only played a couple hours, but it’s turning out to be a really good metroidvania! Also the art style is really nice! It’s that really good pixel art from back in the 16-bit day. None of that wanabe-indie-jank that you see in 99% of all indie games. This game is pretty! Also the first time I’ve seen a day/night cycle happen in a 2d game.

Performance-wise all you need is a potato or a broken toaster, runs on both! So yeah, needless to say you’ll get a solid <your monitor’s refresh rate> frames per second. At least that’s what I’m getting on linux at 1440p. So I would imagine for sure on Windows and OSX.

Will post more later!

This game is on my list to buy and beat some day. It looks fun.

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This game is actually quite good!..but I’d say it’s more of a trine than a metroidvania. Which isn’t a bad thing : ]


I just beat it. Had to take almost a week break from it though, that’s why it took me this long to beat a 15hr game.

Good all around. Graphics, sound, controls, and story. I’d buy another game from these devs. Especially since they actually bothered to make a linux build that actually runs properly! : ]