Panzer Dragoon Remake

It was my next game, until I beat it. It’s basically poor man’s star fox with 20% the missions. Horseshit controls regardless of kb+m or controller. Locked at 60fps. Cut scenes are video clips ripped from the original but since they’re played at 60fps they tear…

…that said, I like star fox. Nice little nostalgia night, though I longed for actual star fox.

I was playing maxed out at 3240p (dsr 2160p) with a solid 60 due to the lock. I was play with a several time larger res up until the last level. What ever they did for the rain fx was extremely unoptimized. I imagine anyone playing at any settings would see the hit on the last level. That shouldn’t be a thing. Either all levels are just as stressful or put in a benchmark.

Though with all my complaining, it was fun enough to beat. Only recommended for $1 or less, I paid too much.