Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults

This is one of two Pathfinder titles we’re working on:


Wait…is that the sequel to the Kingmaker? THAT Pathfinder?

I’m not on this team. All I know is it’s an arpg. I’m on the team for the other unannounced Pathfinder title. The Pathfinder in question is the table top game based on DnD. Which is what Kingmaker is based on. I don’t know if this game is a sequel or not, Kingmaker never interested me.

Oo. I love these games.

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Yo, the moment you get juicy info you are allowed to share, pls do. Pathfinder games are awesome.

Unfortunately I only get info on games I’m not on when they want a social media push. The game I’m on, I’d love to share… but I can’t… but it is pathfinder…

Just the fact that a new one is eventually coming, it’s juicy.

So we launched this today:

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I loooove co-op hack and slash RPGs! I did the pledge for the full party assuming I can get a few suckers to play with me, like @teh_g

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I heard the other Pathfinder games were good and I’ve always enjoyed the tabletop.

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I have mixed feelings about IGN (better than Kotaku though) but that’s a big audience and good press!

I wrote ign off a long time ago…but it’s different for me with this one because I work at Bkom.


2 Stretch Goals announced: