Paypal heads up.

Just a heads up, some weird crap is going on with PayPal right now. I received a transfer of $10 from a random person, I had it refunded cause no idea who they are (PayPal did the refund them self for me). A half hour later I get another from the same person, no answer on why they are sending it or who they are. Its been refunded again to them and they been blocked, just be careful it seems someone is up to some crap. This time of year being Holidays I try to be very careful.

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Change your password and use 2fa. They may have been attempting to send the money elsewhere from there.

Already changed and I always use 2fa.

Send him my way. He can send me the $10 50000 times if he wants.

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The secret is to transfer it to your bank account before they can do anything

Not when they could do a charge back and cost me money. Even paypal said thats one of the things that could happen.