PC Virtual Reality Recommendations

In the next several months I plan to make a leap forward and now that my system can support it well enough grab a VR Headset… but which one? I know where I can get a Oculus Rift S with controllers and accessories for about 600 bucks on payments of $99.99 a month. Is it worth it? is there better?

Ryzen 7 1800x
16gb DDR4 3000
XFX RX 5700 DD Ultra

Index, Vive, Rift in that order IMO. I have Vive and it’s great but I plan on getting the index headset.

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Make sure you have room to set up room scale

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Will do… thanks :smiley:

My $0.02 so far; VR isn’t worth it for day to day gaming. There isn’t enough AAA content that supports VR yet. It is a luxury item that is not going to be used for 90% of games played day to day.

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The benefit of going with the Vive or Index is that the hardware is interchangeable. You could use the Index headset with Vive controllers and what not. Base towers work with both headsets as well.

With that said I agree with @teh_g VR currently is mostly short experiences. I do however play VR almost every day but It’s almost always Beat Saber. I’ve always been kinda obsessed with rhythm games. VR is at it’s best if you can bring over family or a group of friends and introduce them to it. It’s a lot of fun to see how people react.

I’m not sure I could handle playing VR more than an hour at a time anyway haha.

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When I first got my Vive I was getting really bad eye strain headaches from playing so often. It is probably best there isn’t something super addictive keeping me in VR.

VR sucks


VR shines best with an innovative idea OR with multiplayer experiences. Playing Onward in my living room, sneaking up on guys and shooting them with silenced rifles etc. was truly an awesome experience. So was playing Loco Dojo and Cloudlands with @ShiftySatchmo and @teh_g. I think there are some campaign games that really capture me like Arizona Sunshine. Alyx will absolutely do that too. Oh and Superhot VR is ridiculously good.

I don’t mind short play experiences if the experiences themselves are awesome


We should play loco dojooooo

I got into Audio Shield exercise mode it’s super fun since you can load your own music in. Squat to your favorite tuuuuunes.

Gotta get those low notes;

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This is one of the reasons I was thinking about VR a little help to get me motivated for exercise lol

Never heard of it. I’ll have to check it out.

I’ve lost around 10lbs from beat saber. Only issue is that the foam cushion pressed up to your face takes in a lot of sweat. I always have spares around for when I invite people over to play some VR.

@schlitty That episode 3 joke is amazing.

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