PeaceLeon - September Gamer Challenge

The month starts good, already finished the first game and wow, it was just amazing. Played it from time to time from the couch since I was sick this week and had the time to do it and now I know, I just waited too long to play this game.
If you haven’t heard about Heavy Rain yet, please do yourself a favor and check out the game. Sadly it is only available for PS3 / PS4 but it is just amazing.
Here is a trailer which doesn’t spoiler too much on the game, so enjoy it:

Btw. if you are not really comfortable with the PS3 / PS4 controller you might not play on the hardest mode like I did. In some situations I really just wanted to smash the controller against the next wall because of all the stupid buttons I had to press in such a short period of time … how should I be supposed to find them all on this stupid piece of shit. Please next time write A, B, X, Y so it would be a little bit easier :wink:

Don’t smash the controller because you suck at the game, dude :confused: