Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight

I just finished this thing. It’s a Persona rhythm game. This is probably the first rhythm game I actually really played and finished. It’s short and kinda fun with an ok story. I kinda expected more from it since you know, Persona 5 is a masterpiece. I got it in a bundle with the Persona 4 rhythm game I believe and it cost me 10 bucks so yeah, good fun for 10 euros. The music is still good as hell. Recommended only if you are bored to death and tired of shooting zombies or baloons in Returnal.


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I did not know this existed.

I found out about it a while ago. Apparently, they started making these rhythm games ever since Persona 3 FEZ was released. So basically you have one rhythm game for the last 3 Persona games. I find that kinda cool.

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That is pretty cool. I might have to check the PS5 rhythm game out.