Personal rant

Yesterday I have worked almost 14 hours. The job which i was thinking is a dream job is utter crap. First day I was supposed to have a training but the main people in the company didn’t give a shit to even bother to explain me how to use data base and how to bid on the loads and how I should know what’s the best job to take. I called several companies to offer them service of my company but most of them said: " We don’t work with them or someone has stolen your load", while my boss told me no:1 rule is “Don’t steal customers or truckers from your CO-workers”. Also didn’t even to bother to send me an e-mail with the list of companies our company is not doing business.

I have worked from 12pm until 2:30am last night. I was learning on my own without anyone explaining me anything. I managed to figure out how the bidding work’s, how to talk with people. Most of my job I would be trying to bid on the load which not a single trucking company would take,while there are over 100 000 people bidding on same thing. So after I completed that and moved to our website to enter the info I needed to call and annoy truckers, that is if they are going to take the load. That is like the easiest part. There are so many complicated steps just to reach the final one… But i’d be like 4 hours on the phone and no one wouldn’t accept it. I was on the " training" with 6 more guys, stayed whole time, trying to learn while some people just didn’t bother because of the pay so they left. All of them left,because the company want’s that you make a revenue of $10 000 in 7 days so you could sign a contract on a period of three months.

The sad part about this is some people who are working there for a period of 6 months didn’t made the amount of the money they needed. I spoke with a guy who only made 2k for the company in a month, no one would accept the load which he found and the situation was extremely bad. Also if you don’t make 10k which you are obligated to make they just lower your pay check. The bitch of a boss who speaks English worse than a drunk Russian dude stuck in Ireland yelled at one dude because he only made 13k in a period of 20 days. that drove me off so hard…

I worked for free and it means even if I sign the contract i’ll still basically work for free, until i start making more than 10k for a company and the more I work there hey raise the amount of the money I need to make. I am not complaining, I was so motivated to do my job that I have worked so much and so hard on a first day. There are 4 main people in the office, they just walk around and don’t do anything. Most of them don’t even know how to do the job which I figured to work just in a one day. They only scream and say to everyone start making money and so on. While they are getting paid $1 800 - $ 2 500 each month. Most of them said I already impressed them and that i’d probably be a best worker who just walked in the company

To be honest I got extremely disappointed. With the system that they work in. With the fake name I got provided some truckers cursed me (while i requested my real name) , bidding system is horrible, computers are horrible main staff is horrible. I need to lie to the companies i’m based in US, I need to lie my name and just speak bunch of lies just to make a life of a trucker who works for my company worse. The only thing which made my day were the people I have called, who just own a truck and they do their job. Most of truckers said to me that our company is bad but they get paid well in USA so they don’t give a darn. Too be honest i’d work this job any where else but not in my state. This is slaver,y spending so much time working, getting yelled on because you don’t make enough money for some guy you’ll never met for $300 and only if you get lucky you might get a bonus every few months. This got me more than anything in my life. XD

Also I still think if I should go and work for a period of a few months for free… every little thing is telling me I should go to not disappoint my family but I just don’t know, I got speechless. I have worked so many jobs from cleaning, construction, repairing electronics electric-motors,electrician and many more and for me working in a office was like a dream come true but it is only a nightmare. I know how intelligent I am I barely complain with my life and i’m just fighting my way up to have a decent fucking life and when i see things like this i wanna leave this planet quiet often. I work everything way too hard and I have proven that to everyone yesterday.

I still have little bit of a motivation because I spoke with one dude from Texas, which drives the truck over 30 years. He told me I sound more professional and offer more details about every job he called me than anyone else who works in the same office and wished me nice and safe day at work. That is the only thing which gave me power to stay whole day at work. I haven’t eaten whole day and surroundings,main people and everything else just made me feel like shit and it isn’t offering anything good for me or my future while working there, while they make millions and millions. Also the way pay check system currently is working within the company I just don’t know things are meh…