Planet Zoo


This is a day one insta buy for me!!!


No a day one but I will most likely pick this one up.


It has been a long time I bought a game day one. Last one was Black Ops 4. I think the next one will be Judgment. I kinda want that game more than I want to breathe.

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I use to be able to say the same thing. Then I went and bought Sekiro Day one so it’s only been like a month. lol

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I don’t mind paying full price and buying it on day one if its one I know I will like, or been looking forward to.

Last two I bought at or before release was Dirt Rally 2.0 and The Golf Club 2019. Have not regretted either of those purchases at all.

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Thought process on this one is-

I’ve been wanting a good zoo tycoon style game for several years now. For at least the last two years, on the big sales, I’ve been eyeing Wildlife Park 2, (or whatever its called). I never pull the trigger though, because of bad reviews, things I just don’t like about it, and each time, I’ve said, ‘man, I wish someone like the planet coaster people would make a zoo game…’

and well, here it is. :smile:


Could be fun, might look into it later on… got a few other expenses I need to deal with first… like a new bed next month and most likely my new GPU…Time to drop AMD RX 470 8gb and head over to GTX if I can help it… Payday will tell it all.