PlayStation 2019 Wrapup

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I wish I could see my stats :frowning:

Found it and I wish I haven’t found it now…

Don’t forget to redeem your skin and avatars.

Just did it! Gonna check the skin asap. I need a dark one.

Welp checked mind didn’t qualify for any status lol, guess ill see it in 2021 lol

I haven’t seen it yet. I redeemed from work.

I also got action hero. Seems off though. There’s no mention of God of war on mine and I played the crap out of it.

Maybe I’m crazy and played that in 2018…time flies!

You know what also flies?


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Not gonna post your results?

You really want to see how little I play? Sure. I guess I’ll go look again

Bask in my glory

Also, I apparently favor Sunday nights to play, which is weird.

You need to adopt my regime. 1 game at a time. No touching other games until you beat it.19hrs in spiderman lol

What? I beat Spider-Man and only need to finish the crimes to platinum lol

Only 19 hours in Spidey!? Dang you def plowed through

I have 95% completion lol. Maybe I’m just good?

You got the dlc trilogy?

Yeah but I’m going to do that another time, if ever. Not really a dlc guy