Playstation 4

Decided im selling my xbox my mother wants it for my brother for christmas, so end of the month I am buying a Playstation 4 or a PS4 Pro… not waiting for 5 because March 3rd is the FFVII Remake and I need it in my life lol. Anyhow see you Playstation players soon!


The FFVII remake may come out on PC and/or have something awesome on PS5.

I would recommend a Pro in all cases. The extra performance in games is awesome.

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Alright… Pro it is! I have been considering Pro the past few days anyhow over a Slim.

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Yeah, not all games utilize it’s power, but there’s no reason to spend any money on sony products that aren’t the pro. For example, you have 60fps options for The Last of us Remastered. Almost solid 30fps for The Last Guardian, super-sampling for all 4k games on <4k monitors (same deal as nvidia’s DSR).

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