Pokemon - Brilliant Diamond

So this is my next game. They did a half-assed remaster. 30fps and looks worse than Game Cube.
Still fun though, just standard pokemon. Will post more later.

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:face_in_clouds: hmm

ALWAYS check if a Switch game supports cloud save before subscribing to switch online. This game doesn’t. Luckily I grabbed a 7 day trial.

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It’s annoying that some developers hate cloud saves. The Pokemon company and bandai namco don’t have them on a ton of games. Screwed me completely with Dark Souls 3.

Even the Steam version of DS3?

On the plus side, no amiibo support. Didn’t need to flash any nfc cards.

Yeah the steam version, at least back when I played it a few years ago.

Odd. Last I heard steam cloud saves are so dead simple the dev would have to try to not implement them.

How to make poffins… if you know, you know…

Beat this last night. Plays just like Red/blue/yellow except with polygons instead of sprites. Still a good game but not as fun as the newer titles. Recommended if you like turn based RPGs.

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