Pokemon Legends: Arceus


I started this game recently. It’s pretty much everything I ever wanted a Pokemon game to be! About time. It will probably take me years to beat.

I watched some of the gameplay on twitch. Trying to figure out what’s new in this one. Explain it to meee

Just shut up and buy it

Tell me!!!1

I dunno there’s a lot. You have quest lists like a real RPG. You level up based on research you do and such. You sneak around and throw pokeballs at pokemon. When you battle you throw the pokeball with the one you want to use out and while you command it you can run around and stuff still. Pokemon can attack you too and knock you out and you have to dodge and such. You can craft items instead of having to constantly go back to towns to buy things. You can swap moves instead of having to choose ones to forget. It’s faster combat and messaging. You can ride pokemon around. Lots of stuff.

This is the best Pokemon game I’m a decade. I’d say the last that made me this full of joy in the mainline games were Heart Gold / Soul Silver.

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