Pokemon Violet/Scarlet

So I started playing Violet a couple days ago. It’s fun enough top beat (so far).

It’s another pokemon game. With marginally different mechanics than the previous. I bought used physical because fuck nintendo selling two games that are the same game. If you like pokemon games, you like this game.

Looks like ass, runs like ass. Given the art style it should not be stressing the switch hardware. They need to change engines and/or change art style. Any potato should be able to run a pokemon game at 1080p60.

Oh well. Will post more later.

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Isnt this one broken? I remember the reviews saying the game is unfinished.

I’m unfamiliar with the patch history. I haven’t found anything broken yet, though I’ve only played a little so far.

Oh, I forgot to mention, no cloud save and no amiibos. So you needn’t bother with switch online nor your nfc card collection.

This was just released. No performance improvements.

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E for Everyone. Name that Pokemon!

Y u fighting dicks?

Ask Nintendo. Of all the shit they fight so hard for, you’d think at least one person in the entire development of this game would say “It’s a fucking dildo in a kids game!” lol.

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So I beat this…last weekend I think. Then there was some post credits stuff I did, completed that a couple days ago.

Overall… it’s another pokemon game. If you like the previous games, you like this one.

Whenever you’re in a school lesson, just skip all the dialog and when asked a question, just pick the first answer without reading it. When you do the exams, pull up the answers online. These lessons/exams are zero fun. They ask a lot of dumb shit no veteran rpg player would bother committing to memory. When you pass exams you get xp candy which is the only reason to bother.

The gym entrance tests are all dumb as fuck except the one that actually involves battling pokemon. The rest are all half assed mini games.

There’s 3 main story lines. Prioritize the food ingredients one. You fight giant pokemon and unlock different mobility types for your pokemon from the future. You need most of them to get to all the places for the other quests.

Recommended if you like pokemon games and buy used physical.


You nailed how I felt about it.

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My son stole it and maybe I’ll play it someday. If it’s the same ol’ I might not. I’m kind of bored with the formula for how long the games are.

Sameeee. 40hrs is the max I’d go

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