Polekatt - 2018 Gamer Challenge

I figure I better put one of these up since I finished another one!
I’ll put the game, date, score, and one or two lines of review- If I decide to do bigger reviews, then I’ll link it to a review in that section.

1-20-18 Firewatch - PK gives it 8/10

  • Great atmosphere and soundtrack. As far as visual novels/Choose your story, one of the better ones I’ve played, but I still liked Life is Strange a little more.

2-24-18 Doki Doki Literature Club - PK gives it a 7/10

  • Very special game!! Only reason I gave Firewatch a higher score was because at times, this one got a bit sluggish. I would almost be at the point of losing interest, just as it would pick back up again. Not a huge thing, just something to remember, if you play it, stick with it, all the way to the ending credits, and you won’t be disappointed.