Potential Goodbye for awhile. (Edited)

I know I havent been posting much lately, life has been really hard and not in the greatest of positions. Tomorrow as soon as a social worker we know if gets in, things have hit so bad its come to this I and my fiancee’s brother who has seizures, and we are both legally disabled have been endangered by my fiancee’s mother. Its a long story, I wont go into detail but I wanted you all to know if I am not around at all for awhile that is why. I have started a gofundme trying to find help but its not been helping at al at this point. So I hope all of you have a great time and beat some games for me!

Edit: https://gofund.me/8e0b8e50 added with permission from @teh_g


Hopefully you will get everything sorted out soon! We will wait for your return :slight_smile:


Hope things get better for you soon man

Hang in there, dude