Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake


Dang it I am such a sucker and will get this even though I beat it multiple times.

I barely remember it. I hope they bring back PoP and let AC die off…it was just knockoff PoP anyway.


Yeah I liked the puzzle platformer time warp stuff more.

Where’s the remake part?

They didn’t explain anything really.

I read their statement. They rebuilt it from the ground up using anvil. They are being pretty faithful to the original but making it a little smoother. They also redid the voice acting, but used the same actor for the prince.

Doesn’t look that remade from the trailer

Yeah it looks like 2013 ps4.

Everything looks so low textured. Unless they went with the Telltale games style, then I can understand.

It definitely looks cartoony. Just saying what they said they did.

You work at Ubisoft. Fix it.

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I kinda wish they continued the games with PoP4 art style. I liked that one.

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By the way, Prince of Persia games are on sale now. $2 each or 2 euros each or 2 rupees each or 2 souls that are never reaching heaven because they got stuck gold rank in league of legends, each.

I loooooved 4 but it was too easy

I don’t remember the difficulty but I do remember the pretty nice story and platforming. Really nice game. I’m sad they didn’t want to continue it.

Do you mean The Forgotten Sands or Prince of Persia 2008?

This is the first one i ever played. Was on a 286 or 386 pc.


Sands of Time was great, but the Warrior Within was next level. The combat was excellent, added gore and darker feel was most welcomed, and the Dahaka was epic