Proof that world has more beta cucks than alpha gamers (Golden Joystick Awards)

Awards, just like numeric ratings, are meaningless. Trophies/other physical awards are just shiny things monkeys give to eachother as if they have meaning or value.


“Best comment of the day” reward to you! :medal_military:

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You mad because people like Fortnite more than Rdr2?

Apples and oranges I say. Meaningless awards have ZERO impact on my purchasing decisions.

I understand you but I don’t understand his title xD
I don’t care about any awards but it’s cool to know what people like. In this case, people voted for fortnite because, for them, it is more fun to play than Rdr2.

The real outrage is that God of War didn’t win because it is the best game out this year.

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I would say that fortnite won because there are more PCs, mobile devices and consoles, than there are just consoles.

Fortnite is available on everything. People playing fortnite on pcs and mobile devices haven’t even tried RDR2 yet.

The only true outrage I have is that Metal Gear Survive didn’t win out over Fortnite. #webetrollin


The Quite Man should’ve taken the award imo

I can’t hear what you typed, please try again

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This so much.