PS Plus October 2017 (is insane)

Phantom pain and Amnesia Trilogy!

shiftysatchmo said in /404:

Phantom pain and Amnesia Trilogy!

Not for me. 1 good game I already have, and the rest don’t interest me.

gord0 I get to sell my physical copy heheeee, and amnesia looks like something I’d enjoy.

shiftysatchmo Amnesia is epic mate

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shiftysatchmo Amnesia was solid

Who the heck cares about Amnesia when you have Metal Gear…

I’m gonna buy a physical copy of Metal Gear as soon as I get my ass to Europeee

Who the heck cares about 30 fps limited, gamepad consoles. PC + Humble Montly ftw :smiley:

katsuo You mean richer Europe ? XD XD XD far away from Uganda part of europe

buttstallion MGS V runs at 60 fps on PS4 :wink:

Amnesia Trilogy? Did they make one after Machine for Pigs?

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mylifeforaiur apparently there is a game called Justine I’ve never heard of

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shiftysatchmo Oh right yeah I remember seeing that as an option on the original game. Never played it though.