PS5 Details

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I’m more interested in PS6

Interesting. I’ll buy it.

I think I’ll stick with my PS2 thank you very much. No need to try and improve on perfection. But on a more serious note:

8K I really hope that’s for 8K video playback and not gaming in 8K. Consoles gotta stop trying to push out higher resolutions and focus on higher framerates.

:eyes::eyes: Its gonna have them new fangled SSDs!

Who the hell is watching videos in 2019?

opens up YouTube to enjoy some twerk recommendations

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I like that they are adding PS4 compatibility. That is a huge plus.




This made me cringe. But not before laughing so good job!! :+1:

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If this ps4 compatible thing is real I am almost sure PS5 will be my first real console. Because a hacked and soon bricked x360 doesn’t count.

PS4 is a fantastic console and I would be totally mad if I couldn’t play PS4 games on the PS5. I have like 2 milion PS4 games…

Sony don’t be a wanker. Give dem peeS4 compatiblujdlsujtjties

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