PSU on fire

Idk if it was a power surge, I have an electricity fobia, but wierd thing happened in the morning.
For a few weeks now I noticed my pc is sometimes turns on automaticly during the day and night and I am not thinking about a sleeping or hibernating pc, a completely shut down pc. Wierd yes? In the next couple of days I disabled every possible method to wake or turn up a computer automaticly but to be sure I switched off the pc’s psu because you know you can’t turn it on without power duhh. I woke up in the morning, switching on the quality expensive psu what i love, a big boom, a little flame out of the psu and the meter shuts down, entire flat is dark, the flame goes out.
My pc and the entire setup with hard drives, sound system, modem is on an extension cord through the wall and it is in a surge protected extension cord.
What happened? The normal cord failed, the entire socket to blame…
The wierd is everything is working fine now from a differenc socket and different extension cord. The little flame from the psu damaged the entire unit or just burned some dirt or I will have issues later? Is anybody a msc electrician? Who had something similar or what should i do or don’t do? I called an electrician he is coming tomorrow. Pc is working fine as before the surge but I have a feeling I missed a huge and expensive bullet.

If you know an electrician in real life, invite them over to look at the socket and wires used when the flames happened. Have them open your psu too.

Plug a cheap lamp in the same way your pc was plugged in. See if the bulb dies quickly.

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Flame out of the PSU means a cap has blown. Remove the PSU and if not in warranty open it and check for damage.



The electrician was here yesterday. “Best case scenario” happened, the insanely pricey quality Corsair rm650x psu died. One or more capacitor exploded into tiny pieces. I don’t know how it still worked but I did not used it further after making the original post. Ordered another same psu online, got it today now the fight begins to claim my 10 year warranty from Corsair, long months ahead to see if I get my 120 euros back. Still a believer that a good quality psu is the most important piece of a computer. This is just my luck again.
edit: looks like the new model number is the same but actually different, Corsair silently made a v2 variant of all the rmx series psu in 2018. Comparing the two rm650x the inside looks very different.


I have Corsair AX760 PSU, bought it back in 2015. It worked for one week and then just died, without any sound or anything. I asked for RMA from Corsair and they replaced it without any questions. It was costly though, to send it from Ukraine to Germany, but compared to the price of 180 euro for PSU it was nothing. The only thing Corsair asked for was an invoice or something similar to prove that you bought a product from a retailer (in my case it was an invoice from computeruniverse).


I hope it goes as smooth as possible. I have the receipt of the previous and the new one. Funny thing is the old one cost the same as the new one, 3 year difference and it costs the same. I didn’t have time to wait for a new one, but they state in the warranty they replace or refund the new one.

Status update:

Got an RMA code, took the package to the post office, around 22 euro to ship it, it will arrive to the Netherlands in 2-4 days.


Warranty approved, they are sending a replacement unit from Hong Kong, arriving next week. Pretty quick and satisfying end to the case. They took their time to answer my first email but after that, great support.