quotes are broken

Quoting no longer works.

What part? It works for me.

I see no quote.

Testing quote, 2, 3

Hmm, maybe it is only the select quotes?

Ahh, it seems to be a new thing where if you reply to a post it removes the full quote. So it looks like it quotes for a bit, then hides the quote box if it is quoting the full post and a reply to the post. (See here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/system-edit-automatically-removed-quote-of-whole-previous-post/104122/2?u=tehspaceg)

Iā€™m going to upgrade to the latest patch that adds a flag to disable that, since I think it is stupid.

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There, I updated and changed the setting.


Testy McTestface

works ; ]

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