R.I.P Chester Bennington - Linkin Park

And I was on the first Linkin Park concert in Hungary 3 weeks ago. Looks like the first and last now. Love them, sad news.

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This one was rough as Linkin Park was one of the first bands that really had an impact on me. Every band Chester was part of, whether it be Linkin Park, Dead By Sunrise, Bucket of Weenies, or Grey Daze was so full of energy and life. I’m saddened that he felt the only way to end his pain was to take his own life, and I’m angry because he left his children without a father. His music touched millions, and while I’m not fond of the direction that LP took during the last few albums, I’ve never lost respect for Chester.
Anyone who is willing to take their demons and make them available for public critique through music, word, or canvas is someone who is reaching out.