RAGE 2 gameplay coming tomorrow :D


Thread resurrection! This is my next Game. I’m running it at max settings at 1440p>60(usually in the 80s). It’s very pretty, but the gameplay just feels ok…so far. The driving only feels a little janky sometimes so they must have patched the shit out of that aspect of the game since launch.

Will post more later!

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Note, you will have to go into the properties of the game’s executable and set it to always run as admin or you will crash every few minutes. I even crashed the first time I launched it and the game didn’t event launch. Just crash dialogue.

This game is getting to be pretty fun. : ]

RAGE 2 is on game pass now for PC.

Yeah I saw that. Bunch of ff games too.

And Kingdom Hearts games.

game pass is life

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uggg… last night I left the game running by accident…then went to work… got home, did some chores… then noticed… so yeah my steam playtime is going to be way off. Fortunately the game keeps it’s own playtime via save files.

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Help: https://steamcommunity.com/app/548570/discussions/0/2803982773091392819/

No one can help you hereee mueheheeh

I’m going to try bethesda support. Lol. If that don’t work, I need to find a way to decrypt, edit, and re-encrypt rage 2 save files.

Damn and just before the ending? No refund then. :smiley:

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Especially not after I left it running overnight a few days ago.

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I sure can!

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