Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

So this is my next game! Man did they up the anti from the previous games! It plays like an action movie a lot of the time. It also looks real purdy. I’m playing in Performance mode (no rtx, 1800p, 60fps). My other options were Fidelity (rtx, 1800p-2160p, 30fps) and Performance RT (rtx, 1440p, 60fps).
Will post more later!

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Sometimes feels like a star wars movie.

Pretty sure the performance RT mode was 40fps and not 60. Could be wrong.

Also, Nvidia is getting to you. RTX this RTX that xD

Yeah a patch bumped it to 40 on 120hz displays.

Everyone knows rtx == ray tracing.

But of course! We don’t want the gamers confuse RT with raging tits, do we? XD

I always enable raging tits.

Good to know. This was going to be my next game after village

This game was wicked fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For anyone who’s yet to play it, if you’re playing on a 1080p display, I recommend turning on super sampling in the ps5 settings, and choosing Performance RT in game, It’ll be 1440p 60fps with rtx. Since it’s scaling 1440p down to 1080 anyway, may as well enjoy some rt with your low res. And it will look nicer than native 1080p. If you’re playing on a 1440p monitor, stop. PS4/5 don’t comprehend 1440p. It will scale down to 1080p and your monitor will stretch it to 1440p. If you’re playing on a 4k display, Performance is your best option. I’d rather have 1800p without rtx than 1440p with rtx…and fuck Fidelity (40fps).

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I have a 4k and put everything on performance when it’s available. It’s the wayyyyy to go

I have a 1440p monitor that upscales things automatically to 4k if I decided to be ridiculous. I’m ready for the performanceseses

After I beat 30 games of course, because ratchet is not high on the list

What I meant was, don’t use a ps4/5 on a 1440p monitor. PS4/5 detects < 4k and outputs at 1080p. Your monitor will stretch it to 1440p which will look like ass.

I know but my monitor is a special one which upscales 1440p image to 4k and the output from PS5 will stay 4k :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not having a true 4k picture but it’s close enough.

For all them people, get rich and buy a 4k TV byee

So what you’re getting on playstation is 1080p stretched to 1440p/4k. You should never use a monitor for scaling.

Not me, them. I still get the 4k picture downsampled to 1440p (via monitor, not the console). The games are still running in 4k for me since the PS5 recognizes my screen as a 4k one and not a 1440p one.

It’s like you bought a 50 inch dildo but it cant fit into your 25 inch box, so you squish it so much so it can fit into the 25 inch box while the dildo is still 50 inch one, only squished.

I researched the dildo industry and this is how downsampling works!

In that case stick to regular performance mode.

Just beat it! It’ll be interesting to see how they top it for the next game. Recommended!

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Performance mode was great in this one. It still looked amazing.