Wow - it is so good it is keeping me from playing Cowboy Simulator 2 which I waited years for. Must beat this game. Solid bounce back from 6. A nice early bday gift from el Sachmo

I could have sworn we had a thread for this game…

possibly. I haven’t checked in a while.

haha yup, we did, because it’s your thread

There a way for me to delete my own thread?

Just shout for @ShiftySatchmo and ask him to shout at @teh_g and ask for the permissions to delete ones own content.

seriously, what’s wrong with you control freaks. IF I BROUGHT IT INTO THIS WORLD, LET ME TAKE IT OUT!

You can delete your own posts, just not your own threads.

You, you can’t delete threads. It is by design in Discourse it seems.

Closing this one to avoid confusion.

Actual thread is here Resident Evil 7