Recommend mouse

Well after 3 years my mouse is RIP, which one would you recommend? Nothing over $15…thanks XD

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As for which mouse under $15? That is tough. The base Microsoft mice are pretty good I hear.

teh_g we have which are cheap and good XD Thsi one was ms x3me i had :smiley:

Marko bought a mouse from Genius I think. He said it’s top notch and it’s not expensive. Around $15 I think he said.

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ArsonSami Wich currency, Euro, Dollar or North Korean Won?! :smiley:


Katsuo Ill ask him i looked here and we only have shit stuff … i was thinking to get genius or ms

MeFFFlenn $15 US is 26 BAMS or 13 eurs

ArsonSami Genius is pretty good actually. I think my friend has one. He bought it 500 years ago and it’s working well.

Katsuo Mine worked well too but i had some kids in my room while i was away and they rekt it XD Was best mouse i owned lol

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Where do you live again man? If wanted, I could probably sort you out a mouse for $15 which should just about cover the postage. I have a couple different ones to choose from as well. Let me know :smiley:

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ArsonSami from cheap gaming mice you can get one of these from 10 € for X-G200
or Ammox X1-400 or up to 25 € for Scorpion M8-610 / Scorpion M8-610 or maybe 15-20 € Scorpion M6-600

option B is to get RedRagon Centrophorus (M601 China Part Number is S601) RedRagon Nemeanlion (M602 China Part Number is S602) both of them are priced at 13 $

RedRagon Centrophorus M601 and Corsair M90 :slight_smile:

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shipping is of course included in that price if you are buying it from china … only problem is you will need to wait for at least 2 weeks …

(Tacens) Mars Gaming MM1 can be had for 11 euros :wink:

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LetsGetIt1220 Thanks for the offer but no,taxes import stuff and it would cost a lot more :stuck_out_tongue: Bosnia and herzegovina is … XD but i ordered same one i had

I own the same mouse. Works like a charm.

Or this one. :smiley:

ArsonSami You don’t pay taxes or anything similar for products which are priced less than 150 euros. The only thing you have to pay is the shipping in case the sender won’t pay the shipping. I ordered 10 days ago a spoiler for my Honda which costed me 138 euros. Received it yesterday and I haven’t paid any taxes or duties. I paid only the shipping from Germany (around 30 euros).

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maybe this can helpš-225073/š-225230/š-226542/

Good old junk xDš-226134/š-226010/

also check here this company is from Hungary … they deliver goods in BiH shipping is around 6.5 €

Katsuo I didnt know that XD paying for stuff I got for my brother from Erwin made me think it would cost a fortune but i ordered same one i had

ArsonSami I would have given it a value of like $2 so would have been fine but no worries :smiley:

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