Regarding the GTribe bans

Hey everyone,

It looks like a number of us were banned from the GTribe site. Some things have been said about them, and I think a lot of it is valid. I have no plans on taking any action on this end to track guests, prevent guests from reading the majority of the site, ban people who are on both sites, etc. I think the best course of action is to simply let it be and enjoy our new place. I’d ultimately like to avoid drama.

Let’s keep the “don’t be a dick” mind set here and keep it friendly. There are a lot of great people on GTribe. Many of them have come over here, while others have not. Stay civil and be cool.

teh_g I wonder if they took screenshots of this or the other posts like this, or the posts from people who did absolutely nothing wrong and are confused about being banned.


ShiftySatchmo no idea. I’d love to see what they are looking at.

teh_g I wish i could see those post but whatever. We have something so much better here than caring about Angel drama and conspiracy lol…that post he made about Todd begging him to unban and some guy speaking about GT Al’s working for government is such a blatant lie

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ArsonSami lol what?!?! Did I miss something

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ShiftySatchmo see this… how he lied about Todd “begging” him to get back on GT" also he was speaking the story about the Matthew that big youtuber who bashed Angel for CV program alt text

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ArsonSami Awkward I went and posted it as well but I was too late. Probably should have refreshed the page first XD

ArsonSami Hahaha someone thinks he is an AI? I’m assuming Angel just doesn’t get sarcasm

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ShiftySatchmo No, it is just one more of his lies lol…

If you want all your info deleted tell them

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ArsonSami There is no actual proof this was referring to me. We think it is but no one has confirmed.

Spinalfailed It was from the bearded guy that got the banhammer because he told off Angel how giveaways are done … well respected guy on youtube I see

p3ssimist_gΛming Matthew but I am not sure if the first part is me or all of it is Matt

Spinalfailed Yea he has like over 4 mil of view on some videos etc … XD He was saying how angle is just using CV Progam and bunch of other stuff so i am pretty sure he is reffering to that :smiley: