Region locked Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas in steam store?

As the steam summer sale is about to end, just saw a steam friend(from EU) playing Fallout NV, but when check for it on store(to buy) its just shows error page or redirects back to store home.

Why STEAM wants me to go back to piracy :stuck_out_tongue:
i still have to finish NV as i left it in b/w.

Just Curious if i purchase a key from other sites will i still be able to play it?

You should be able to play. I bought New Vegas some time ago, but now it’s called New Vegas RU (I’m from Ukraine) and it has different id from American version. The same situation with Dishonored, it changed to Dishonored RHCP - Russia, Hungary, Czech, Poland or Red Hot Chili Peppers (Katsuo’s version).


Just look for Global keys. You can activate them anywhere. (unless said otherwise on the site)

Here’s one:

Why? New Vegas should be available for him on Steam.

It is available for her friend but not for her, as you can see from her post. There are some games that are completely banned in some countries. For example, you can’t buy Dying Light in Germany through Steam.

That is like how I can’t buy games for some people here due to region restrictions. I WANT TO SPEND MONEY DAMN IT

I have Dishonored RHCP and it says only 2 other friends have it…I doubt it, just this version. I bought Fallout New Vegas from Fanatic maybe and I got the global version. I can still buy my region locked NV in the Steam Store because it says I dont have the game.

Will check for global keys or just go pirate ahoy!!!

My north american frnds can gift games to me but not the other way around(india steam region lock) …have to send them steam wallet money.

Ugh, that is wicked annoying.

finish some game first then buy or get gifts xD

Im finishing games at my pace… sorry not all are perfectionist like you. :stuck_out_tongue: