Resident Evil 3

Looks great :smiley:


More than great. Gonna get whatever physical edition comes out.


Just beat it. Liked it even more than the remake of part 2. More action, more tense, Nemesis is cooler than Mr. X, graphics are off the charts good, Jill is a solid lead and Carlos was a cool secondary.

I’d say the best thing the game had going for it was the locations. Finally you get to explore a ton of Raccoon City with coffee shops, toy stores, pharmacies and more.

Was hard for me to put the game down. For what it set out to accomplish, I’d say a solid 9/10.


Such a low score. I guess I won’t play it.


You’re the only 10/10 in my life


ohhhh also thanks to my cousin @ShiftySatchmo for gifting it to meeeee


I’ll gift you all the things bb

This is my next game! Running at as max as possible settings while staying under 11gb of vram at 1764p>60 (dsr 1440p, usually >80). Also I have it set to dx11 mode so the hair doesn’t look like pixelated holograms. Pretty fun so far, will post more later.


Still pretty fun, in the hospital area now. Had to bump it down to 1577p due to a cut scene dropping my fps into the 50s though.

Hospital was a cool environment. I enjoyed the switch up

That bit with all the zombies pouring in made me drop to native 1440p to maintain >=60fps. I like how you go back and forth playing both characters. Instead of the way they did it in re2 where you had to play it twice (which I couldn’t be bothered to).

Yeah that tower defense part was fun, and the swapping was very well done. I liked having the different styles.

Just beat it. Excellent game, but due to it’s length I’d only value it at $30cad not $80cad. I feel satisfied but ripped off simultaneously. <6hrs (including smoke breaks).

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Did the


rolling head down the stairs

get you at all? It got me the first time because I went where I was supposed to go, thought I was free and clear, and very slowly realized my mistake :smiley:

I got out of the way. I was in practice because something similar happens in Ori and the Will of the Whisps a couple times.

ahhh. Just started that yesterday. Awesome so far and had one of those encounters you speak of

I just started this game. Played for maybe 45 minutes but apparently that’s like half the game hoho. Fine with me if the quality is this high or higher the entire time. Great so far! Moves at a good pace. Lots of jump scares though haha.

That’s what you said about RE2 and there was like 1 jump scare in the game

It’s possible I scare easily. When I walk into a room and am immediately tackled by a zombie I jump.

So you are basically Geran