Resident Evil 4 Remake

You found out where they come from.


Just being faithful to the original?

It just seemed so random. It’s not like black flag, it just goes from traditional shooter to black flag with an infinite ammo cheat.

Yeah, this is a pretty damn good game! I think I’m near the end.

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Just beat the base game! I wasn’t as close to the end as I thought I was. I thought it was 12 chapters and maybe an epilogue. Turns out there’s more chapters. Fuckin sweet though! Recommended! I’m going to start the dlc soon.

Pretty sweet so far. you play as a certain GREYtagonist from the base game through their point of view during the base game. They have a couple of moves you don’t have in the base game that makes the combat and traversal way cooler. It’s such a simple few mechanic adjustments, but more fun. Will post more later.