Review: Finding Paradise

This is the sequel to the beautifully sad To the Moon. I can’t say too much here in regards to spoilers but the game does a great job picking up where its predecessor left off and delivers another emotionally touching story. In my opinion, this story wasn’t quite as moving as To the Moon and this game did have its dragging moments from time to time. Makes sense considering To the Moon was about 3-4 hours and this one is 6-7.

The music and pixel art was still gorgeous and the game did present some interesting mysteries I found myself wanting to solve, but again, not nearly as much as I did in To the Moon. I wouldn’t say this game disappointed me because it really was a solid game with a lot of love put into it, but I just didn’t care as much for these characters and this story. Hopefully 3 gets it back to the same level as 1.

I’ll give it a solid 8/10, whereas I gave To the Moon a 10/10.