Review: Superhot VR (HTC VIVE)

For those who don’t know, the game feels like a badarse training simulator where your enemies and their bullets only move when you do. If you get hit once, you restart. Simple concept, but in VR it’s truly brought to life. I felt like Neo in the Matrix dodging bullets slowly. As I got comfortable I tried playing through rounds as fast as I could because it’s a pure adrenaline rush, and you can do cool and creative things like cross arm shotguns spinning to grab a pistol, shooting your enemy, grabbing his gun in mid air, shooting another, throwing your gun at another, etc etc. The point being you can string together awesome combos straight from Equilibrium.

Even though it’s in my top 3 favorite VR experiences thus far, it doesn’t get a pure 10/10, simply because the high price coupled with the very short campaign leaves me wanting a lot more. There should be a map editor or other ways to extend the game play, along with just a lengthier array of missions.

I’ll give it a very strong 9/10

So is it the Matrix or is it Equilibrium? I NEED TO KNOW

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shiftysatchmo Equilibriux

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