Review: Vanishing Realms (HTC VIVE)

This game is pretty much the original NES Zelda but in VR. You get a sword, shield, bow, and eventually a wand (which is the coolest), and you dungeon crawl for 2-3 hours. The gameplay is good, not the best, but certainly fun. Sometimes the sword wouldn’t hit an enemy when it felt like it should have, and the bow didn’t feel as tight as other games with bows in VR.

I would have liked a bit of a story to go with the game, but it was still fun. I’ll give it an 8/10. If it ends up getting a sequel where there’s story, more weapons, and the combat feels stronger, it could probably be a 9/10.

If it wasn’t VR, what would the score be? Always curious.

If not VR, a 6/10 in my opinion.

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ub6 yeah, I mean VR is very fun and the experience covers a lot of meh, so it can get away with a lot. I just would like a dev to make a game with a good story and whatnot for VR.

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ub6 heck a walking sim style like fire watch or gone home in VR would be great.

shiftysatchmo I would say 4/10 If not VR lol

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syncrosis I was being nice…but a 4. Ouch. (Not going to dispute it much though)

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ub6 hah but the fact is it was designed for VR, so it’ll never be subjected to a score like that. The thing I love about VR is something basic and mundane is super fun in it. That’s why I’m excited to see where it goes. Vanishing had no story, questionable hit boxes, and was 2-3 hours long, but in VR that’s still a really fun experience because it was immersive and fun to interact in. I would imagine a lot of games would get higher scores in VR that are bland as they are…

syncrosis that’s my point. Imagine if someone put effort into it haha

shiftysatchmo yep only a few so far like Arizona

I just started playing this and I think it’s one of the best, if not the best, VR games I’ve played so far. Only 30 minutes in though. It’s what I want in a VR adventure game. The shield is fun to use.

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It doesn’t disappoint

A year later, I finally got around to finishing it. I enjoyed it a lot! Buy it during the sale if you have VR and haven’t played it. It’s a fun experience. I definitely cheesed some bosses with arrows though…