RIP my 390x

My trusty Sapphire R9 390x died today :slightly_frowning_face:

We’ve been friends since 2015, hundreds of games played together.
I won it on twitch back on the days when Gaming Tribe was a decent society, maybe you remember the guy from AMD streaming and advertising on Gtribe.

Games on high-ultra settings in full HD resolution, even the new ones. Some games even in 2k :muscle:
It was a powerhouse, hot as hellfire though :fire:

No more gaming for me. RIP

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Grab a 1660ti If you wana rock 1080p and some 1440p titles for the same price point. 2070 for midrange, 2080 or better for high end to flagship.

I could also sell my 1080ti for ~$500 cad…though shipping might be a bit pricey going from Canada to Ukraine. 1080ti can roughly go toe to toe with a regular 2080. 1080ti has more vram, but a 2080 has less but faster ram and rtx feature set…but a used 1080ti for $500 cad would destroy a 1660ti let alone the 390x…where as a 2080 or higher would be more than $1000 usd.

Not an option for me right now, but thanks for tips

Finance a Nvidia 2060 and be happy