Rocket League...

Do not have me on your team. I am a great blocker… of my own team.

I get in the way.

All this out weighs the occasional goal stolen from Josh’s highlight goals. :smiley:

Was fun tonight guys, thanks for putting up with me.

You guys should post here, when you are going to play, so others may join too :wink:

You were the MVP! (For our team)

ShiftySatchmo lol yeah that was the problem.

Ub6 but you won 3 of 5 so yayyyy

hey, you did better than me! In fact, several of those times, I thought I was the one blocking YOU, not the other way around.

But I’m the same way, I had a great time, and was just happy to be playing with friends that would put up with me, both my awful Rocket League skills, and my stupid southern accent on a TS server that I haven’t configured.