Rocksmith 2014 question

Ok, a couple of you had mentioned in another topic that you had this, and that I would love it.

I tried it this morning, and you guys are correct. This is AWESOME!!!

But, I got something that is confusing the daylights out of me, and I hope one of you that has this game could tell me what I’m missing.

In rift repeater, I have this screen coming-

I know what to do there. When I see the red rectangle with a 5, I hit the 5th fret on the top (red) string.
works fine

But then, you see that grey one coming in the distance there? It gets to here-

That grey rectangle with the 5 comes up and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. Everything I try misses the note. There is no string colored grey. I’ve tried every string, and open, and nothing seems to work.

Anyone know what I’m missing?

Did you accidentally turn on colorblind mode? XD I never see grey. It has been a while though so maybe I’m forgetting. Try playing the same note you played right before the grey one.

Maybe it’s a palm mute?

Katsuo nah, that’s an X over the block. I think it is when you play the same note a bunch in a row in the repeater. I wonder how Kevin will react when the blocks disappear altogether haha! That’s what happens when it thinks you perfected a song.

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ShiftySatchmo OR maybe it’s a seventh string note and Polekatt was playing a djent song.
Something like this:

I know that’s not the reason but reading reddit it’s most likely the thing you’ve said it is. Apparently you just have to repeat the same note and the grey box should get its color or something. Now I want to play Rocksmith as welllllll

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Katsuo yeah I am pretty sure the grey thing only happens in some modes but I forget

ShiftySatchmo said in Rocksmith 2014 question:

Katsuo yeah I am pretty sure the grey thing only happens in some modes but I forget

Yeah, you forgetting stuff is unbelievable…not! XD

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Katsuo what were we talking about?


If it’s the same note, I can’t get it to work. I had googled it first, before posting here, and read that, and had already tried it.

It only seems to show up in that rift mode. I did some other songs on the regular learning mode, and never saw. I can’t even remember what that song was that it showed up in, I was just following the recommended lessons.

Still, its an awesome program, I’m going to enjoy this!

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Polekatt I pretty much only did the normal mode

ShiftySatchmo Show us some skillz.

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Katsuo said in Rocksmith 2014 question:

ShiftySatchmo Show us some skillz.

OK…here goes nothing…


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ShiftySatchmo Oh a Metallica song. Nice!

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