Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


I hope it’s not DIsney-fied to all heck. I want the gritty Star Wars movie that I can’t show my kids.

I will be in Oklahoma for CHRISTmas and am really looking forward to taking my nephews to see this, it will be the first Star Wars I have been able to take them to. :grinning:

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I haven’t been in a theater (for a new release) in somewhere around 7 years. Or more! But this just may be it. This could be the one. I try not to get excited but I’ve watched this trailer a few times now. Solid cast of underrated actors from the biggest name Forest to Riz Ahmed. Lots to like. But what sells it for me, and has me watching the trailer so much, is that scene with the Star Destroyer coming out of the shadow. I am all but certain it is an actual model. Sure there’s CGI all over the place, but that scene just feels right. And I’m quite certain it is because it’s a model. Takes me back. And the cinematography/directing in general just seems right as well. Very optimistic and trying to bury the stories about reshoots in the back of my skull. Ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss.

Edit: And gaming related… If the main dude survives and has to go into hiding or something and has like a forged passport or something with the name Kyle Katarn on it, I just might orgasm.

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Skip this is you dont want any more details than the first one.

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Look, I’m a cynic and a hater but that new trailer has so much to love about it. The dirty, gritty aesthetic looks like a real lived in universe (as opposed to any of the settings from the prequels). Actors actually acting & reacting to each other.

Let us hope that the Han Solo & the Boba Fett stand alone movies build on that feel & don’t devolve into CGI-fests.

Also let us hope that they develop a decent story for Eps 8 & 9. I can forgive Ep7 as they are building for a new generation, but how did it not even cross the writers’ minds that it would be watched in conjunction with Ep4? Did they think everyone would not notice that they are so close to similar stories?

2 IMAX 3D ticket reserved today for 17th Dec. I can’t wait to see it.