Roman Legionary

This is a game on my list… I think they changed the name of it or cancelled it. I can’t find anything on google. : /

My Googlefu came up with this forum post. Seems the dev has listed multiple different games on Steam and none released (the person posting lists “Roman Legionary” as one of them);

Edit: Best I can tell is that game that that post is on, is the new name of it? Who knows.

Edit2: Yeah, Wayback Machine shows “Roman Leigonary” under same app ID URL;

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Good to know lol.

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Schlitty used to work for CIA so that’s why he’s able to info about anything


I can neither confirm nor deny that.

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I can confirm that I can’t write properly. A word is missing in my previous comment. That’s what happens when you forget how to use eyes. Use eyes!

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I can’t find any missing word in the comment… :wink: