Router Suggestions?

My router has been acting funky lately. It’s an entry level Belkin someone had laying around at least 6 or 7yrs ago. Was almost like somebody was uploading all day today. Factory reset finally cooled that down. But speeds still didn’t seem quite up to snuff. Connecting directly to the modem proved it to be the issue as ISP speeds are as advertised when doing that. Think it just may be time to upgrade. That said, I’m about 15yrs removed from networking knowledge that amounts to anything. I got my house hardwired (2x bedrooms and then one line to the living room with a small 4port switch at the end). So WiFi doesn’t have to be beast mode or anything since anything I use regularly will be plugged in. But still need WiFi for phones/tablets/visitors of course. Any suggestions? Or features I should look out for? Brands to trust or avoid?

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Linksys and Asus make some nice routers.

I think bonus points can be given if a router lets you setup a guest network, since it helps segregate your devices from people that show up at your house.

If you REALLY want to get into networking. I love Unifi for a gateway / router device. The new Unifi Dream Machine is amazing, though pricey.


It also depends on the budget? :slight_smile:

One of the best things I did for my house a couple years ago was switch out my entry level router for one that was better designed for gaming.

I went with the Netgear Nighthawk series. I have the R7000 (I think), but they make different models of it, so you can get whichever one you can afford best.

Like you, I don’t necessarily care about the wifi part, as I don’t really use that. Everything I run is wired, and it works great. I set up the wireless only so my phone will use it for texting. The interface is easy to setup and understand, it does security firmware updates when it needs it, and it has a QOS mode where I can give certain devices or programs priority on the network if I want.

I have a ROKU device, and when I first put the router in, I tried running that wirelessly. The videos were stuttering and buffering. BUT, my Roku was basically 15 ft from my router, so it was no problem to stick a wall jack on the other side of the wall and run a patch cord to it. After I hardwired it, it ran flawlessly.

So if you are concerned with wireless, you can pay a lot more, but if you aren’t , like me, and like I think you are inferring, you can get all the same features for around $100-$150. As I understand it, the more pricier versions simply add more wireless options and capability.

TLDR: I use and like the Netgear Nighthawk series and if you don’t need the wireless stuff, don’t pay extra for it.

Thats my thoughts!

Edit: I meant Netgear not Asus.

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Ditch the router, take the phone, turn on 4G and play mobile games. Mobile games are the future.

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Happened to notice a cheap Linksys router at the thrift store so after some reset’ing and firmware updating I got that hooked up as a temporary holdover. My router took a dive for the even worse this morning. Was getting maybe 15/0.1 on my 100/15 speed plan. Thrift store Linksys has me back to more normal speeds. But still definitely going to upgrade. Thanks for the suggestions so far, sifting through reviews/features of some of these ASUS ones since two of you brought em up.

@milkywayman cost isn’t an issue since it’s something utilitarian and practical that I want+need. But I will say when they start getting upwards of 200USD they do start failing my eye tests… I am indeed a cheap bastard for the most part.

I’ve had two Asus routers crap out on me in a year or two each. Asus in general seems to be going downhill. My last two motherboards from them also crapped out. Boo to Asus! BOO! (My current motherboard is also Asus haha. But never again!)

Netgear makes great routers. I have an AC 1750 and it works great and has a lot of nice features. I want an orbi eventually.


I am such an idiot!

My router is Netgear, not ASUS! There is no such thing as the ASUS Nighthawk.

Mine is the NETGEAR Nighthawk, the R7000/AC1900 I think.

It was not until I read @ShiftySatchmo 's post that I realized I typed the wrong brand. Don’t buy Asus, by Netgear! Everything I said in my post was about Netgear, not ASUS.



My knowledge from Asus routers is many moons ago, so go with the consensus of BOO ASUS.


ASUS is off the table! haha


I work for some ISP and i only have trust in MikroTik. Everything else proved to be a nightmare. I even have one installed in my house lol.

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