RTX 2080 TI Cyberpunk 2077 Edition

Looks good, but I dont have Twitter so someone needs to win one for me.

My account is @geran_smith

I don’t know anyone else’s Twitter, soo…


I’m @milkywayman81 :stuck_out_tongue:

28080 Ti?! Is this the future…

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What’s the price?



From what I am seeing you can’t buy them, only 200 will be made and 77 will be given out in pairs basically if you win one, your 1 tag on the giveaway will get one as well. Or so it said in another post I seen.

Yeah I just read the article talking about it. That’s a shame. I think I would get one.

If they would have been for sale, I mighta had to save for one somehow lol.

There is a RTX 2080Ti on sale. It’s 950 bucks. How does that sound for ya?

Sounds cheap. I think mine was $1350 when it came out :laughing::sob:

Sounds like I would be homeless lol, I need to be able to save for awhile. I only get $885 a month to live on.

Just thought about it… 77 given out in pairs… so one pair gets a half? :rofl:

Well if they are giving 77 out in pairs I think it would reach 144 that way.


Yeah but 72x2=144

My bad was half awake when I responded lol note to self never try to do math before having coffee.

Don’t worry, I still think 2+2 is 5 and I’m fully awake.

When in doubt, use a calculator :wink:

When in doubt, don’t do math before coffee especally if your brain cant think to use a calculator :wink: