This is my next game! It’s the best rhythm platformer series ever. You should play this as well as the previous two. Runs on a potato. Bajillion fps at max settings at 4k.




Only someone who hadn’t played it would think so.


Beat it! It’s short, but it’s hard as fuck and satisfying as fuck when you beat individual levels, let alone the end boss. Obviously I didn’t 100% it, but you’d have to put me in prison with the game before I’d bother with that busywork,



I’ve always been tempted to play these but never got around to it. Haven’t played a rhythm game in a while


It’s more than just rhythm, but it’s hard to explain. It’s like the game programs you to be able to get through the levels.

The only reason I even know of the series is that I just stumbled upon it way back whenever I hacked my original wii and loaded it up with tons of games. Then a few years later I saw the second one on steam…then more recently I saw the 3rd one.


I really enjoyed the first one (Wii as well). Then I got it on PC to play again. Then had a hard time getting into 2 and never finished it, missed the original aesthetic. Didn’t even know they hit 3.


1 and 3 are definitely better than 2.


I did not know there was a 3rd game in the franchise. I played and beat the first two though. Great games they are.


Pirate speak? Love it!




“Great games they are.” For some reason when I read it, I immediately read it as if he spoke in a pirate voice.


Grreat games they arr!


Thank you


I read it in a Yoda voice


That was what happened when I read it a second time


I’m now not going to comment on the matter. Let you guys decide on your own if I was trying for pirate or Yoda.