Ryzen 5900X (Evolved into my mostly new PC)

It seems these are in supply and under MSRP now so I got one to replace my 1700X. Should fit better with my GPU.

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Just be sure to get a slightly beefier cooler.

This is my current one. Good enough?


I just got told to pick a country and sent off to a black friday landing page.

If your 1700x cooler was “just enough” double it. If it was overkill, you’re fine.

Just get the noctua Dsomething15 black one and have no worries (its cheap too). I barely get 50c on load with my 5800x.

It’s also fun to build the thing. It’s like lego.

Or you could any of the coolers Enos Tech reviewed here. They’re all pretty much good for your CPU. I still recommend the Noctua ones.

It is the Corsair hydro series 120mm

1 fan or two?

One 120mm

If you’re in the 80s normally, upgrade.

I say this because I had a one fan aio that just couldn’t do it. At least not under load.

The internet seems to think it’s not enough so I’ll upgrade to be safe.

Tell me what to buy @LetsGetIt1220 !

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I think I’ll stick with Corsair. I liked my H60. There’s one that looks like it’ll do the trick and fit my case. CORSAIR - iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX CPU Cooler (two fan model since my case can’t fit the three).

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This is a great cooler. A bit on the expensive side upfront but it is Corsair so is expected. Will be more than enough to cool a 5900X.

One thing, when you get your 5900x, you will want to manually set your voltage to 1.25v / 1.2 depending on what your system can handle. AMD lets the stock voltages use around 1.45V which will have you quite toasty even on idle. Setting it down to 1.25 is where I sit and still have PBO on and all that and temps are where you would expect them.

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Thanks for the tip! I got the Corsair discounted at least so it wasn’t too bad.

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Good stuff! I’ve not had one for review but have used a couple in builds and are definitely quite nice!

I decided to just make a new build since everything is on sale. Got a gigabyte blah blah elite 570 blah

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I decided to be a Corsair fanboy and got this case and their 850W PSU. And I exchanged that 2 fan cooler for the 3.


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