Sakura Dungeon

Well this is my next game! Normally I’m not one for dungeon crawlers but I’m liking this one. The dungeon crawling doesn’t feel as lame as most games of the genre do and I find myself moreso aware of the turn based rpg elements than anything else. Performance-wise you could run this on any old hunk of junk. There’s only a couple graphics options… that I don’t think will impact performance if you max them out. In fact I don’t see any reason not to with any hardware from the last 10 years…well maybe if you try on a 90s pc you’ll have problems. Currently running at 1440p in Ubuntu 16.04LTS. I don’t think crossfire is an option in linux…Vulkan could still utilize both cards, though this game doesn’t use vulkan lol.

I recommend it! Will post more after I beat it.

Screw it, I put this game down for a couple weeks because I was busy with work stuff. Just got back to it tonight and I forget most of the story and buttons. I may revisit it later but for now I’m going to replay HL2 like I mentioned in the other post.

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