Scarlet Nexus

So this is my next game! It’s so fucking good! It’s an action rpg. No bugs, great performance. Running maxed out at 2160p>120 (99% of the time it’s >150) (no dsr support, would crank it higher otherwise). I’ve only been playing it a couple days and I already highly recommend it. Only buy the base version though, the “deluxe” bits are just chizzle-ware. Useless chizzle-ware at that.

There is also a demo for the people who want to try it out before buying

Beat this last night! Excellent game! I played through as Kasane and I just looked up what the diff is playing as Yuito and apparently barely any, so I’m not going to bother. Recommended!

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Cool, I will have to check this out. It looks fun.

Just finished it. Great game! I played both campaigns, started with Yuito first. I liked the Yuito story way more than Kasane’s. Kasane is just a straight dogshit character BUT the story was still good.

Play this if you like Astral Chain

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