Schlitty - Gamer Challenge 2019


Actually beat a couple games in between not playing games and driving fake cars in circles. Maybe I’ll beat some more later in the year too? :man_shrugging:

Adam’s Venture Chronicles

Corny, cheesy, hokey Indian Jones-esque adventure. Super generic stuff. I guess it’s supposedly a Christian game according to some reviews I read afterwards? I mean it was Christian artifacts being sought after, but there were no overtones or anything I noticed. For how basic the game was a few of the point and click puzzles were actually interesting and a challenge. But for the most part you could brute force them. Couple of the corny one-liners got a laugh out of me. Ultimately not much of a game though.


Immortal Redneck

Was in a recent Monthly Bundle. I’m a sucker for a rogue-lite done right. And they mostly got the balance right. Gunplay was fun too but lacked a little oomph. And then, I’m not in it for the long haul. I beat the first pyramid after 10hrs and 12runs and well, it got a bit boring in the last few runs. Needed a little more RNG. I think I got ahead on the skill tree progression by cheesing the gold drop skill. Dolla dolla bill. Probably 40 or more hours in this thing for a completionist.


Sonic Mania

Sonic CD is by far my favorite Sonic game. I was lucky enough to have a Genesis/CD combo called the JVC X’EYE when I was a kid (still got it!) and played the shit out of Sonic CD. Absurd feeling of speed and the most replayability of any 2D Sonic. Well the dude that masterfully ported it to PC was responsible for this gem. I had been saving it for a rainy day. Everything I had hoped for and more. Dunno if I’m sold on the 2 levels per world and a boss for every level as I’d say far too many of the bosses were cake. But it had every little 2D Sonic thing I could ask for. Plus I still got the alternate characters, special stages, gems, true endings and the DLC still to play. Gonna have to get the lil bro in on some versus action some time too.



Where do you even find these games haha


Gotta go fast. Beat Sonic Mania, but still must;