Schlitty Games 2023


Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker (WiiU - emulated via CEMU on Steam Deck); Doesn’t need its own thread obviously. Casual game that has an insane amount of content for what it is. Tons of levels. Tons of challenges. Plus Toad. He’s the best. Steam Deck is amazing for WiiU. I’ve been having a lot of fun revisiting games on a system I didn’t appreciate back when I got it.

Returnal (PS5 - via PS+ Premo); I wish I liked it more but it had a ton of rad stuff. Felt perfect on PS5 with the Dualsense stuff and 3D audio. Was neat. Dunno if I’d ever bother with the Steam release. [Returnal - #55 by schlitty]

The Pedestrian (PS5 - via PS+ Premium); Short little puzzle game that doesn’t need a thread. It didn’t record my play time on my first session but the game took around 3hrs to beat. Not the deepest but a good difficulty curve for the length. There were two puzzles in the third quarter that made me stumble, but the homestretch was smooth sailing once I got over those humps. Nice style to the game. Seems to be available on most platforms.

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That game came out in 2014 from what I see. And it still costs 35 euros (wii u version). What in the hells name…

also, every time I see posts like these, it makes me want to buy a steam deck immediately.

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