SCORE City of Heroes


Apparently they are back, and open for all now!!

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Wait wait wait. This is still alive?!

I vaguely remember playing a single player game that sounds just like this. Is this some crazy multiplayer superhero game?


City of Heroes and Aion were the NCSoft’s greatest games and I played em A LOT before League of Legends came out. So glad CoH is back. Gonna play it as soon as I find that mystery loot box called TIME.


If you guys aren’t up on whats been going on-

NCSoft shut down City of Heroes for good, six years ago.

Just last month, it came out that this group that called themselves SCORE, had somehow acquired the code, and made their own City of Heroes server, and had limited it to only people they thought they could trust to not say anything about it, because they were afraid NCSoft would shut them down if they knew, because they did the same thing to a rogue Tabula Rasa server that tried this.

Someone broke that trust last month, and outed them on their you tube channel. It came out that this secret server had been running for SIX years.

When the public found out, there was a huge outcry, because everyone said, ‘what about me??’ I wanna play!’

So the SCORE server went down, and they were discussing things.

I have no idea who they discussed with, if NCSoft has any input yet, but as of now, this website has popped up, and they are running multiple servers that apparently anyone can join now, and the plan is to make it so people can set up their own private servers.

This is all dependent upon NCSoft, I still have not found their official stance yet.

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